What’s your ‘hyperlocality’ awareness level?

Though @typeitoutloud(aka Jessica Leigh Lebos from ConnectSavannah) paints the #yearofthelocal scene so much more eloquently than I ever could, she’s absolutely spot on.

Here at Thinc we’re privileged to work among some amazing, local, entrepreneurial minds that flourish in their lanes. The ideas and suggestions from casual conversations with them may just be the hammer you need to break down your current roadblock.

To glean from coworking guru, Alex Hillman, founder of Indy Hall, the whole concept behind coworking is creating a community that wants to work together.

It’s not that hard to get a group of people in a room.
What’s hard is getting that group to create value, together

Which, judging from our second event, by George, we may be on to something big!

The value comes through acknowledging and celebrating the successes of emerging businesses here in Savannah. These people want to bring something more to their community.

And in our, sometimes, overly virtual-encompassed lives, events like this remind us, we need to step away from behind the computer screen.

Allow the gift of gab help us make some new IRL (in real life) connections; which is what I’ve seen happening more and more here at Thinc.

We’ve got a solid group of people who will briefly change lanes to contribute to a larger project in the Savannah area.  The 2014, #yearofthelocal quarterly series allows Savannah locals to bring awareness and see what’s budding in business, which we hope will lead to a healthy, local economy.

To quote Lebos, “The conversation continually circled around how to grow all these little local seedlings into a vibrant economically, artistically and environmentally sustainable garden: ArtRise director Clinton Edminster kibbitzed with Bluknowledge tech star Erika Tate, writer Kris Monroe chatted with realtorJason Nielubowicz.”

And that sentiment is one we look to strengthen with each subsequent #yearofthelocal event as we grow our partner list. Though the population be only 150,000 strong, there’s plenty of new business activity budding. Just take a look on Broughton street alone, where several storefront windows boast signs of local stores to come.

#YearoftheLocal is just the beginning, the first stepping stone to bolstering our local business community. We’re proud to host an event series showcasing the young businesses and spread the wealth through word-of-mouth germination.


So mark your calendars for 7.11.14- for a great night of hyperlocality!


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