ThincMember Thursday: LSP Technologies, Inc.

Jim Robinson, Owner & CEO of LSP Technologies, Inc.

Your “Ahah!” Moment to Entreprenurial-ship: After gaining my Green Card – anything compared to that was easy….

Fun Fact About You: My British accent causes daily confusion living and working in the South….

Local or Transplant: Transplant from London, UK.

What do you love about Savannah? Everything.  It’s relaxed & more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Favorite Places in Town:  Roof bar @ Churchill’s Pub.  Basement bar @ Jazz’d.

Favorite Type of Music: Acoustic Rock / UK Dance

Current Project: We’re working on a virtualization project for Liberty County Government.

How did you come to Thinc? It was a discovery by my Sales Manager – JoAnna Brunton

What is your favorite part about coworking?  Networking with people.

What kind of experiences are you looking for with Thinc?  Strength in numbers and access to varied skill sets.

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