ThincMember Highlight- Nicole D’Alonzo

Name: Nicole D’Alonzo

Your Business Name: Victory Rituals

Your “Ahah!” Moment to Entreprenurial-ship: I’ve had several entrepreneurial epiphanies, but the most recent one happened when I realized the importance of your morning routine.

Fun Fact About You: I’m a certified yoga instructor.

Local or Transplant: Transplant by way of downtown Manhattan.

What do you love about Savannah: I fell in love with Savannah after visiting the local yoga studio and finding Savannah Squeeze. It’s important for me to have access to healthy outlets that serve my-sometimes chaotic- entrepreneurial lifestyle. I also love the weather and walkability of the downtown area. I love being able to to our office at ThincSavannah!

Favorite Places in Town: Chive is one of my favorite places for dinner and drinks. The food is delicious and the bartenders are very friendly and highly knowledgeable.

Favorite Type of Music: Love acoustic anything, but especially guitar and piano. The live music in Savannah was another draw.  Such a rad area all together!

Current Project: My current project is launching the first Victory Rituals workshop. This was born from my daily email startup (TASTEdaily). After doing tons of researching, getting certified in yoga, studying nutrition with Cornell, and interviewing the most successful women in business, I noticed a trend that could not be denied. The common thread among people who get what they want in life all boils down to one thing. Their morning routine. But not just any routine, a specific set of rituals. My new program, Victory Rituals, distills and outlines the key areas each person can plug into their morning for an optimum output and overall sense of wellness and contentment.

How did you come to Thinc? What is your favorite part about co-working? I was searching for a co-working office that was nearby an apartment I was visiting. The walkability was key. It’s great being able to walk to the office so quickly! I love the flexibility and infrastructure of co-working. I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs and learning about their business practices and problem-solving. Many of us faces similar challenges and that information sharing is vital.  Excited to attend networking opportunities to meet some of my office (and local) neighbors!

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