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Nell Schroer

Nell Schroer

I am a personal energy management coach and sober mentor to women who find themselves caught up in the cycle of addiction – whether it’s to food or fear.  I created Your Support Factor® to teach clients how to “release” the people, places, and things that no longer serve them and “reload” that which does support them.  Through this process they learn how to manage their own energy so they can take back control of their life.

What was your “Ahah!” moment to entrepreneurial-ship?

I was working at an all-women’s college where I wasn’t getting the access to students that I wanted because of an overload of administrative activities and an inappropriate amount of time spent in Excel.  I realized then that I wanted to help people on my terms.  At the time, I didn’t recognize that was going to be building my own business.  As I began my professional coaching certification, it was revealed to me that I could take my unique background and experiences to help other women who were taking the same journey as me.

Fun fact about you:

I have lived in Tanzania and can carry a conversation in (very broken) Swahili.

Local or transplant:

Born and raised in Georgia, though not a native of Savannah.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love how walkable the city is, which is largely why I live downtown.  I love all the tourists – I enjoy helping them find their way around + giving them my favorite “hot spots”.  I love all of the restaurants and the constant flow of events + activities.

Favorite place(s) in town:


Forsyth Park

Pulaski Square

Fire Street Food

Tequila’s Town

Skidaway Island

What’s on your playlist?

It’s always been a bit eclectic and is largely based on my mood.  Right now…ODESZA, St. Vincent, alt-J, TV on the Radio, Soundgarden, and Nine Inch Nails (there will always be NIN).

What’s your current project?

I’m finishing up an apprenticeship with BJ Fogg (PhD at Stanford) and his Tiny Habits® program.  The program teaches people how to implement long-term habits in their daily lives using a simple recipe that keeps their habits so tiny, it’s almost mindless (which is obviously the point!).

How did you find yourself at Thinc?

I had a friend in New Orleans who had a sweet co-working setup.  I didn’t think Savannah would have anything like it, but I started Googling and BAM!  There you were!

What is your favorite part about coworking?

I love interacting with the different “co-workers”.  As a home-based entrepreneur, it is so easy to isolate.  As an extravert, this satisfies a great deal of my social time.  I also love the super cold, filtered water :)

What kind of experiences are you looking for with Thinc?

I’m hoping to create a solid foundation for my thriving business, while being of service to others in the community.

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