Thinc-tern Chronicles: Meet Justin Peacock

Being asked to interpret and transcribe a brand new scene and way of working within your first week may seem vague, and that’s the point- because it’s a learning curve for both parties when it comes to internships. It can be especially vague when the work scene is anything but standard:coworking.

So read on and see what Justin, a Mass Communications graduate from GCSU, has to say from his first week with us!


“Hey Justin, why don’t you tell me what coworking is in your own words…” What a great question for the first few days of working in a Coworking space, a question that I really couldn’t answer the first, second, or even third try (what a poor employee right?). But quitters never win so I kept on wrapping my mind around the idea of what coworking is, or can be.

To the wet-behind-the-ears, newbie, intern mind it seemed like just a place; where people, could work together in a shared space. I used my critical thinking, and recent, college graduate mind to brew up that explanation. I would begin to realize I was far from right.

After getting over the jitters of meeting the coworkers, adapting to a new environment, and the dread of figuring out the lunch schedule  (if I would be eating alone like Steven Glansburg), I began to see, feel and experience this coworking community vibe.

But I still needed to know more.

So I mustered up all the force in my hands and fingertips and venturing straight to the Internet to explore the world of coworking, more so than I did to help score my delightful internship at ThincSavannah.

That’s when I would come find out what coworking truly is.

I would find that it is this sensational community area where individuals involved in small business, start ups, freelance work, entrepreneurship, writing, science, and independent branches of firms, come work together in one place, and on their own terms! And they have the freedom to collaborate, network and work together in a relaxed, creative, and comfortable environment. Key word, comfortable.

‘Enough of the Webster’s talk Justin, we get it. You looked up what coworking is, can we please see it in your own terms.’

Okay those were not the exact words used, but I was getting the idea that I really needed to find out what coworking was to me on my own grounds.

Coworking offers what people, for years, have wanted to escape from: the rigidity of office life that had become the working norm of white-collar Americans. The 9-5 schedules, in a cubicle, where you find that your favorite song has become Loverboy’s, Working for the Weekend, because it seems to mirror the song so well.

As a recent graduate that is what I was getting ready for, until I stumbled upon Thinc and coworking.

It showed me, one of those millennials, that you are not confined to a 9-5 grind in an office environment, that you will soon dread. It showed me there is another option, an option combining the casual and professional.

Coworking is an idea and method to working inviting you to be yourself, while pursing your professional endeavors, or working to your dream job. You can be social. You can interact with others involved in work worlds away and share creative ideas or even your personal life. You can build trust with others in a more comfortable environment. You can work and build efficient relationships with other business, just a stone’s throw away.

It’s a natural environment where you can turn your hobbies into work, you can host meetings and share a drink simultaneously and where you can work toward accomplishing goals all on your own premise.

At Thinc you can do this all in the magnificent, Historic Downtown Savannah area. And as a history buff, this was my cup of tea. So as my days here at Thinc have just begun, and as I am still defining coworking, I look forward to experiencing it in its entirety.

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