Thinc Member Thurs:Kaylin Hessler

Name: Kaylin Hessler 


Your Business –Founder of The Bean Counters Bookkeeping 

The ‘ahah’ moment to entrepreneurial-ship:  “Ah, this kind of goes into my whole life story-I worked for a small bike shop in Wilmington, NC and then worked for the army. After three and a half years, I was sitting in Afghanistan and I realized I wanted to be the boss. I didn’t want to be bossed around anymore! Haha

Fun Fact about you: I’ve done a few triathlons, then took a 4 year hiatus, but the Tybee Sprint got me back into exercising as of recently.

Local or Transplant: I’m a transplant. I packed up and moved to Savannah April 2013, made some connections and started my business. I think the beginning of every new business is scary, but in a good way. You can plan all you want, but in the end, you have to be adaptable.

Favorite place(s) in town:  Go grab a drink and sit on river street to watch the boats come through the river.  Also, fishing on Tybee, I love the ocean, and have caught a couple stingrays when I’ve fished.

Favorite type of music: 90s alternative; I still have some CDs in my car I listen to!

Current project:  Actually, I have a few, in different stages of the pipeline. My most recent are a record company, race timing company(for fun runs, mud runs, etc.) and on my site, the clients I’m more involved with start from NuSystems and down from there.

How you came to Thinc and favorite part about coworking? I met Ashley at the C-Spot and as he explained Thinc, I thought it a curious idea. I like it because I work at home, and while I enjoy that, it’s nice to be in a social setting. I tend to have time in between meetings and it’s good middle of Savannah landing spot. Thinc gives me a place to relax, refresh and continue. I’ve always liked working with the small business owners and helping them succeed and I enjoy the personal connections of the small business.

What kind of experiences are you looking for with Thinc? I was really impressed from the get go with Thinc. I didn’t think it would be so social but it is and it’s a great surprise. We have a great group of social people that makes it good here.

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