Thinc Member Thurs: Whitney Shephard

Name: Whitney Shephard, Transport Studio

Your Business – (the ‘ahah’ moment to entrepreneurial-ship if was one): There wasn’t a “moment”, but rather an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  Savannah has a relatively small market for transportation planning and engineering.  So, it’s not like I could make a move to another firm down the street.  I realized that I needed to create my own job, and I –eventually- realized that I was lucky enough to be in a position to do it.

Fun Fact about you: I went skydiving with my sister and mother when I turned 18.  (It was a hobby for them, but I never caught the bug.) 

Local or Transplant: Seven years in Savannah, but nine generations in Florida! 

Favorite places in town: Green Truck Neighborhood Pub(!), Pulaski Square, the two-stool nook at the end of the Circa 1865 bar, Forsyth Farmers Market

Favorite type of music: Brit Pop

Current project: Transport Studio is the top-ranked firm to represent the MPC on the I-16 ramp removal project, which is really exciting because the ramp removal will create a significant opportunity for redevelopment downtown and engage a large part of the community.  The ramp, and its proposed removal, also demonstrate the impact of the transportation network on the framework of the community.

How you came to Thinc and favorite part about coworking? After attending several awesome events at Thinc, it was at the top of my list for possible office locations.  I love the energy in the space – with so many businesses making a go at what they love to do for a living.  Coming to the office (rather than working at home or in a café) keeps me on track.

What kind of experiences are you looking for with Thinc? 

Pinball and draft beer Thursdays.  But, I would settle for a rousing round of Taboo or Catch Phrase.

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