ThincMember Highlight — Nell Schroer

Nell Schroer I am a personal energy management coach and sober mentor to women who find themselves caught up in the cycle of addiction – whether it’s to food or fear.  I created Your Support Factor® to teach clients how to “release” the people, places, and things that no longer serve them and “reload” that which does support them.  Through this process they learn how to manage their own energy so they can take back…

ThincMember Thursday: LSP Technologies, Inc.

Jim Robinson, Owner & CEO of LSP Technologies, Inc. Your “Ahah!” Moment to Entreprenurial-ship: After gaining my Green Card – anything compared to that was easy…. Fun Fact About You: My British accent causes daily confusion living and working in the South…. Local or Transplant: Transplant from London, UK. What do you love about Savannah? Everything.  It’s relaxed & more cosmopolitan atmosphere. Favorite Places in Town:  Roof bar @ Churchill’s Pub.  Basement bar @ Jazz’d….