Lunch’N’Learn, A 21st Century Connection

When thinking about social media, and using it for benefiting your business, do you get overwhelmed at the enormity of the landscape?

Well, here’s something to keep in mind:

“You are not dumb. You do your business taxes, and those are WAY harder than navigating Facebook. The fourteen-year-olds who have mastered Instagram are not smarter than you. They are just more risk tolerant, more socially transparent, and generally have less to lose,” said Jesse Bushkar, Digital Development Manager at BFG Communications.

Aug.L&L Jesse

That was the beginning of our open-floor Lunch’N’Learn discussion with Jesse.

A self-proclaimed, atypical nerd, Bushkar quickly let us know, software definitely is eating the world, but is an essential part of business in this era.  If you’re not doing it, you can bet your competition is and will eventually push you to the wayside with it.

Gone are the days when owners or managers threw up their hands in frustration, saying they don’t have time to understand or see the benefit of social media in their business.

With that made known, the question hovering in the room was then, how to manage ALL of those social platforms for the business?


There’re so many outlets to choose from, but spreading your brand across them all dilutes the strength of your company’s voice in reaching your target audience.

Bushkar went on to explain, it goes back to business model basics. It’s a quiet matter of doing your due diligence to identify your target audience, and decide which social platforms and patterns to use based on their activity. In other words, be selective in your social avenues.

Your audience. Who are they? Where are they interacting most? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

The main difference between you and the 14-year-old behind the social outlets is the risk tolerance factor. They grew up comfortable in pressing the delete button without having to worry if it would blowup or break the computer.

Should you decide to hand the reigns to someone who claims they’re well versed in the social media lane, remember this:

“Never outsource what you don’t understand,” Charles Noussair, Emory University economist.

The calm before the tech talk storm.

So do a test run in handling your business’ social media for a few weeks yourself. That gives you an understanding of the time, effort, and type of voice you want to cultivate for your company

Keep in mind there is no barrier of entry to the world of social media. Anyone can say they’re an expert or guru so be ready to vett them appropriately before handing over the reigns.

Technology acts as an expedited way to connect humans. It’s the highway for word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals, and more. Once you see the social platforms in that light, it looks less like a tangled monstrosity and more like an expedited link to your client base.  It always come back to the people, no matter the pathway.

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