Holiday Gift Guide for your Entrepreneur

We’ve all seen gift guides for your bestie/husband/wife/partner/baby/furbaby etc. But what about for the entrepreneur in your life?

Check out our go-to holiday gift guide compiling the best of tech, software and things that will just make your business life easier.


Rapid Ramen Cooker – $14

Are they always trying to cram lunch in between emails and a 1:15 with an investor? Check out the Rapid Ramen Cooker from Urban Outfitters as an addition to their lunch routine.


Dino Memo Holder – $11

Notes all over their desk — and can never find a pen? Check out this super cute Dino Memo Holder or this handy pen holder with magnet stand.


Paper Voodoo Pad – $6.33

We’re not saying you should provide someone with a way to hex their coworkers/employees/clients… but this paper voodoo pad might save them a lot of angst.


Coffee Mug Warmer – $8

Coffee. Mug. Warmer. Enough said.


Logitech Keys to Go – $69.99

Is your entrepreneur always on the go and trying to answer emails from their iPhone or iPad? Check out a bluetooth keyboard!


Tile – $25

Always losing their phone/keys/backpack/coat/wallet/luggage? Check out Tile — this small bluetooth tracker helps them find those items in seconds.


ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet – $199


Smart Watch


Books for Entrepreneurs

You obviously want your entrepreneur to succeed. Has your entrepreneur checked these books off their list in 2015? If not, add them to the queue for 2016!

Conference Admission

These can get a little bit up there in price — and obviously, you’re going to want to know that they actually want to go to it! But if you’ve heard them wax poetically about a particular conference, team up with some friends to buy them a pass!

What’s your favorite gift to give an entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments!

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