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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Just click on the question and the answer will be revealed!


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What is Coworking?

Coworking is any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not necessarily for the same company. In a deeper way, Coworking represents the belief that we are happier and more productive working together than we are working alone. We’re a space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners and anyone looking to work along like-minded individuals come to collaborate, create and be a part of Savannah’s most entrepreneurial community.

What are your membership levels and costs?

Our memberships range from $125 for 40 hours of Monday through Friday 9-5 access up to $1200 for our largest private office — and memberships are month to month! Click here for more information.

What are your hours?

ThincSavannah is open Monday through Friday from 9-5 p.m. Our ThincUnlimited, ThincStation and ThincOffice members receive 24/7 access. If you need to schedule an after hours tour, just ask!

I'm new to coworking — what's the point?

Have you graduated from your couch or dining room table but don’t have the need (or overhead) for a large office space? Then coworking is for you. We take care of many of the overhead costs that plague a small business or startup (utilities, internet, furniture) and get you on your way. You also get access to a network of businesses that range from architects to writers, lawyers to designers — and everyone inbetween.

What's the best way to get to Thinc?

Our street address is 35 Barnard St., Suite 300 in Downtown Savannah, GA 31401. But what does that mean?

  • We’re in-between Goose Feathers Cafe and Kobo Gallery
  • We recommend riding your bike (plenty of on street bike racks are available!) or walking due to Savannah’s parking limitations.
  • If you bring your car, we recommend parking in the Whitaker St. Garage. We also have a few monthly parking passes available for an additional fee for our members.

Do membership fees include utilities?

Part of the mission of ThincSavannah is to take care of the overhead that can prevent a small business from succeeding — so, yes! Membership fees include internet access, water, electricity, 500 free black & white copies/prints (and $.45 color prints), scanning, faxing and a whole host of other benefits.

I want an office but you're currently full! How do I get a spot?

If you have not already contacted us, please do so! You’ll then receive access to our ThincSavannah Wait List which will let you know your spot in line. When an office becomes available we…

  • Contact all current ThincMembers who have expressed interest in an office
  • We then reach out to non-members on the list (in order) and give them 48 hours to decide

How do I get mail?

We can accept mail and packages for all members. We will need your permission to sign for certified mail. ThincHourly members receive a mailbox in our copy room, while mail will be delivered to the desks of ThincStation and ThincOffice members. Please keep us updated on all of the names and companies you will receive mail under — we’d hate for something to not be recognized and sent back!

Can I talk on the phone at Thinc?

Of course! Plenty of our members take calls during the day — but if you need to have a more private conversation, you can duck into our phone room (complete with a comfy couch).

Does coffee magically appear in my cup?

We haven’t worked out that technology (yet) but the process is pretty simple. Use the coffee maker in the kitchenette, fresh ground beans from local roasters Cup to Cup coffee and the finest water our tap can provide to refill the provider of the magical nectar of life. Don’t worry, we’ll run through this when you join. We just ask that when you finish a pot to prepare the next one!

Can I have guests?

We want you to feel at home — and this is most definitely your office — so guests are welcome! Just keep in mind that if a guest is joining you often or is using a lot of our resources, they should officially join the ThincSavannah community and enjoy all of our benefits for themselves.

What about clients?

We want your business to succeed, and that usually means client meetings! We have two conference rooms available to reserve and members benefit from 8 hours of access to those per month. Our Community Manager can escort your clients back to you or to the appropriate room — just give us a heads up when you have someone coming in.

Is there a cleaning service?

We have a cleaning service that comes in and takes care of the main areas. If you need them, we have a vacuum in the back hallway and some cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. ThincOffice members should put their trash cans outside of their office before they leave for the evening if they need a trash pick up — or they can bring their bagged trash to the main drop off in the kitchen. In addition to that, we ask that you put your dishes in the dishwasher and clean out your own smelly leftovers from the fridge.

Oops, I went over my printing budget! How do I take care of that?

It’s easy as pie! In the middle of the month we send you the amount you owe, and you can pay via card, check or cash.

What happens if I'm the last one to leave?

Our ThincUnlimited, ThincStation and ThincOffice members are burning the midnight oil, eh? Before you head out the door…

  • Make sure all the lights are off
  • Make sure all lobby doors on the 3rd floor are shut and locked
  • Make sure the front door locks behind you (give it a few seconds to kick in)

If you have any problems, shoot an email or text to our Community Manager, Caila. You’ll get her info when you sign up.