Thomas Shimada
Co-Founder, ThincSavannah
“Chasing tennis balls is the same thing my dog does every day” Leave it up to your best buddy when you are a kid to keep things real. So, after 10 years of “imitating a dog” for a living, Tom took the next logical step and co-founded a coworking space in Savannah. OK, so maybe it wasn’t logical and maybe there were a few steps in between, but nonetheless as an entrepreneur himself, coworking did make sense. With one foot in Hilton Head and the other in Savannah, Tom relishes his treks to the “big city” and always looks forward to dispelling the myths that Savannahians have about South Carolina.
Ashley Bowersox
Co-Founder, ThincSavannah
Ashley spends a lot of time researching how to maintain his natural platinum locks, and is currently traveling around Georgia, walking in the pine woods and trying every local fried chicken place. Past professions have included rescuing cats from trees, saving old ladies from burning buildings and being a co-founder of ThincSavannah.
Caila Brown
Community Manager
A New York transplant, Caila has been based out of Savannah since 2007. After graduating from SCAD with a BFA in Graphic Design, she turned her efforts to helping small businesses and non-profits with their design and marketing solutions. Currently, Caila serves as the Vice-Chair for the Savannah Bicycle Campaign, is an editor for Coastal Empire News and a designer for MusicFile productions; in addition to keeping the coffee fresh and the printer functioning here at Thinc.