A sustainable workplace


It’s a broadly used word.

Some would akin it to how the FDA slaps the word ‘Natural’ on one too many products that are as far from natural as possible.

Remember This Video?

And while I can understand an association like that, there’s more to the word, sustainability, and its’ meaning(s).

Cheers, to the traditional, Merriam Webster dictionary and its’ variance of definitions.

 What sustainability means, to the beginners, toeing the fringe of the vast world of eco-friendly, green, practices, is a more fluid definition of sorts.

 -Especially when the lane you work in significantly blossomed over the last nine years.

 Coworking, in 2005, embodied every aspect of a fad.

No one knew how to clearly define it.

Its’ purpose was slightly more than ambiguous.

Questions centered around its’ sticking power.

Would it latch like a hitchhiker seed to the cuff of your pants, or fade like the brilliant idea that materialized while you were sleeping?

As questions arose, forums, groups and website emerged. From Google groups to Deskmag. Research was done, problems were and are solved daily. Eventually, official studies surfaced, showing people enjoyed, trusted, and desired to work in a fluidly structured environment.

But those are only a few of the aspects that made the concept likeable, and in 2014, I’d say, brought it to almost, loveable status.


Which leads me to my next point. Our world has so evolved in technology, some days I feel silly with three apple products splayed across my desk; social networks open on each one.

 With the interconnectedness of the web, we, the human population, have come to trust one another again via social sharing in many avenues. One of the main aspects of an effective community.

Enter: Urban Dictionary’s definition of Sustainability:

It’s the way in which we interact with one another while being conscious of leaving behind a better place; a legacy for those who come after us. Laying the foundation. Which is the common link between tradition and adaptability.

 Four.Ten.Fourteen: Thinc is acting as a roof, housing an evening of all local business sprouting in our Savannah community. At this sustainable affair, it’s more than being green. This event is a way to show how a community can flourish with opportunists’ innovative visions and peer support. All while supporting the Savannah way, cheersing with a drink in hand!

global jam cheers

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