A New Way to Work

‘What the heck is coworking?’ I thought to myself before my interview with Thinc.

And so, like any dutiful candidate before the interview, I researched the company, the owners, the concept and scoured the Internet for exact definitions of coworking.

You see, I’m a Gen Y, a Millennial, the first generation to grow up with technology constantly available at our fingertips. This was a bit of a game changer for how we went about searching for and communicating with potential employers.

So when I researched the definition of coworking, it was hard to, well, you really can’t pigeonhole the word because it works as more of a tangible concept than a noun.

All throughout college, (when coworking was probably an underground whisper) we were taught/trained on how to ‘get your dream job’ at the big companies and interview in proper yet savvy ways.  New ways to get traditional jobs. Office jobs our parents, the Baby Boomers, have stayed with for decades, and seemed to mostly enjoy the companies they’ve worked for the majority of their adult lives.

But there’s a change upon us in the working arena of the 21st century. The studies show it. According to The State of Independence of in America 2012 MBO report,

 “In 2012, it is clear America continues its march toward a new age of career

independence where individuals will not just move from job to job, but rather move

from engagement to engagement and client to client as masters of their own career


People want to be independent of the micromanaging boss, the 9-5 cubicle hours and the stiff Monday morning meetings. They’re now delving into a vein of entrepreneurship;  incorporating their hobbies and passions and building them into a business. The issue was, the isolation at home, cloistered space of coffee shops and other daily distractions.

Until now.

John Donne, once wrote, “No man is an island.” Expressed simply, he encompassed so much of human nature in five little words. We are social creatures. Even if we’re not engaged in active conversation it’s nice to know someone else is in the room with us.

Thus, coworking has finally surfaced to the street level. Bare bones, coworking is a space appealing to people’s senses. It’s a space that allows the entrepreneur; independent contractor, freelancer, and other non-traditional jobholders to congregate, work efficient and effectively, in a casual yet professional environment.

Which brings me back to Thinc, and the interview. The location of Savannah’s first coworking space, in the heart of bustling downtown activity.

Where I had my interview with Tom & Ashley. A sun-filled office overlooking Ellis Square.

 (Above, our ThincTank-unconventionally inspiring, is where I got my first taste of coworking space. A room flooded with sunlight overlooking Ellis Square.) 

So this is what Savannah coworking IS:

 A diverse community of professionals eager to thrive in their venture and with the vibes of other visionaries like themselves. A place where you can meet with clients and discuss an upcoming deal over a beer or host a company meeting utilizing the private office space with GoogleTV. This is a place of natural networking. People building their business and making contacts by syncing at Thinc.


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