Thinc Local


The Hostess City.

A place that invites you to walk among history while perusing local shops unique to the city’s canvas.

A place where history and innovation are now working harmoniously.

Which has led us, as ThincSavannah, to create a quarterly event series: Year of the Local. An evening to bring more awareness to our local companies and promote their products, encouraging guests to incorporate these businesses a regular part of their purchasing lifestyle.

Thinc Local: A bi-monthly spotlight on local business in Savannah.

March 6-April 30 Thinc is proud to have Verdant Kitchen which grows local ginger, as our ThincLocal business.


Our goal with ThincLocal is to bring more awareness to businesses rooted here and on the cusp of, or are in full bloom.

According to TIME, from Buying Local: How It Boosts the Economy :

  At the most basic level, when you buy local more money stays in the community. The New Economics Foundation, an independent economic think tank based in London, compared what happens when people buy produce at a supermarket vs. a local farmer’s market or community supported agriculture (CSA) program and found that twice the money stayed in the community when folks bought locally. “That means those purchases are twice as efficient in terms of keeping the local economy alive,” says author and NEF researcher David Boyle. (See the top 10 food trends of 2008.)


Nestled on the 500 acre Lebanon Plantation, the founders of Verdant Kitchen began with a passion for the multifaceted health uses of ginger and a desire to produce it locally. Since 2012, the folks at Verdant Kitchen have grown and now work with other local businesses such as, Leoci’s Cha Bella and Brighter Day, to sell the remedy plant.

Now, at Thinc, we’ve Verdant Kitchen’s various ginger products! Come see what Verdant Kitchen has to offer or go to their site:

Verdant Kitchen. 

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