Membership levels for Every Budget:


ThincVisit provides for 9-5 access to Thinc and all of the member benefits of ThincSavannah for one-day visitors at a rate of $25 per day. Visitors who subsequently join at a regular membership level will receive a $25 credit toward their first month.


ThincHours is a simple way to enjoy the coworking experience. Packages start at just $100, and offer anywhere from 40 hours to unlimited time. Click the icon for more information.


ThincStation memberships offer a semi-private and permanent workspace in a custom-made workstation that can sit 2-4 person teams. Click the icon to learn more.


ThincSavannah offers 14 private ThincOffices ranging in size, location and features. Starting at $500, they offer some of the most affordable private space downtown. Click the icon to learn more.

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Lunch’N’Learn, A 21st Century Connection

August 12th by ecolcord

When thinking about social media, and using it for benefiting your business, do you get overwhelmed at the enormity of the landscape? Well, here’s something to keep in mind: “You are not dumb. You do your business taxes, and those are WAY harder than navigating Facebook. The fourteen-year-olds who have mastered Instagram are not smarter […]

A Community’s Perspective

July 2nd by ecolcord

Alex Hillman of Indy Hall embodies the coworking soul as it thrives in it’s most natural state. Community before the space is the Golden Rule. He writes insightful posts and is incredibly active in the coworking email forums. I’m quite impressed he can keep up with them all so well. That said, the coworking space […]